Adaptations and competition

Adaptations and competition

KS3 - Adaptation & Inheritance recap

competition, adaptation, natural selection, variation, classification, inheritance, chromosomes, genes, dna, genetic material, traits, evolution,

Links for learning

BBC Bitesize - Inheritance and genetics
Ducksters - DNA & Genes

Key Words

Habitat - place where an organism lives.

Population - all the organisms of one species living in a habitat.

Community - the populations of different species living in a habitat.

Abiotic factors - non-living factors of the environment.

Biotic factors - living factors of the envrionment.

Ecosystem - community of living and non-living organisms.

Food web - a diagram of what organisms eat.

Adaptations - features or characteristics that have changed in order for an organism to survive.

Food chains - show what's eaten by what in an ecosystem.

Consumers - organisms that eat other organisms.

Preator - consumers that hunt and kill other animals.


Also see Biodiversity

Population size

Watch the video and have a go at writing out the steps of the practical.

Note paper for practical

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