The Earth’s Resources

The Earth's Resources

Key Words

Natural resources - anything that comes from the earth, sea or air without human input.

Renewable resources - forms at the same rate as it is consumed.

Finite (non-renewable) resources - forms at a slower rate than it is consumed.

Sustainable living -  living in a way that makes things last for the future.

Recycling - converting waste materials into new materials.

Life cycle assessments - looks at every stage of a product's life to access the impact it would have on the environment.

Portable water - water that's been treated and is safe for humans to drink.

Filtration - wire mesh stops large twigs, gravel and other solid particles from water.

Sterilistaion - harmful bacteria or microbes are killed.

Distillation - seperation of substances in a liquid by  boiling and condensation.

Sewage - liquid and solid waste carried off in sewers and drains.

Sewage treatment - process of removing the contaminants from sewage.

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Water Purification

Watch the video and have a go at writing out the steps of the practical.

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