Resource Management

Resource Management

Key Words

Seasonal food┬á– food that isn’t available all year round.

Carbon footprint┬á– a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases is released over the full life cycle of something or doing something.

Imported foods – foods brought into a country from another.

Agribusiness (industrial farming) – large-scale, inductrial farming controlled by large firms.

Aqueduct – bridges used to transport water.

Fossil fuels - natural resources that from underground over millions of years.

Bioenergy – energy from the break down or buring of biological sources.


Water security – having a reliable and sustainable source of enough good quality water.

Over-abstraction – when more water is being used than is being replaced.

Desalination – removal of salt from seawater so that it can be used.

Water Conservation – using less water.

Grey water – type of recycled water usually resued immediately rather than being treated first.


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