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Beliefs, Teachings and Practices

Key Words

The Bible - a Christian sacred text.

Old Testament - 39 books of the Bible including the Creation and Ten Commandments.

New Testament - 27 books of the Bible including the Gospels and Jesus's life.

Denominations - different branches of Christianity. Including:

  • Roman Catholics - follow the Bible, Church tradition and the Pope.
  • Protestants - follow the Bible.
  • Orthodox Christians - found in Eastern Europe, Russia & Greece. They don't worship icons (pictures of Saints).

Monotheistic religion - follow only one God.

The Trinity - the idea that God exists in three persons, The Father, the son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit.

Nicene Creed - a statement of beliefs developed at the Council of Constantinople.

Incarnation - the act by which God became a human being as Jesus Christ.

Crucifixion -  Jesus was nailed to a large wooden cross and left to hang until he died.

Resurrection - being brought back to life after death.

Ascension - Jesus going to heaven.

Salvation - when the soul is saved from death and sin so it can reach heaven.

Sacraments - a ceremony where you receive God's grace. Seven sacraments are:

  • Baptism - marks a person's entry into the Church.
  • Confirmation - renewing of vows made on their behalf at baptism.
  • Reconciliation - a confession of a sin.
  • Anointing the sick - a priest or bishop anoints a seriously unwell person with the oil of the sick.
  • Matrimony - couples are joined together in marriage.
  • Holy orders - men are ordained as deacons, priests or bishops.
  • Eucharist - (Mass) joins people together in their faith.

Pilgrimages - people visit significant holy places to seek healing or forgiveness, to connect to God or deepen faith.

Christmas - celebration of Jesus's Birth.

Easter - celebration of Jesus's Resurrection.

Evangelism - spreading the Christian message with the aim of converting people.


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