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Key Words

Convex lens - bluges outwards bringing light rays together (converge).

Concave lens - caves inwards causing light rays to spread out (diverge).

Axis - a line passing through the middle of the lens.

Real image - the light from an object comes together to form an image on a 'screen'.

Virtual image - rays diverge to make the object appear to be coming from a completely different place.

Ray Diagram - shows the path a ray travels in. The line is always straight.

Magnifying glass - creates a magnified virtual image.

Opaque - objects that do not transmit light. They absorb some wavelengths and reflect others.

Transparent/translucent - transmit light. Some wavelengths pass through.

Colour filters - only let through particular wavelengths.


Also see Waves, Electromagnetic Waves

Refraction of Light

Watch the video and have a go at writing out the steps of the practical.

Note paper for practical

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