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amplitude, wavelength, frequency, reflection, refraction, transverse waves, longitudinal waves, specular reflection, diffuse reflection,

Key Words

Waves transfer energy in the direction they are travelling.

Amplitude - maximum displacement of a point on the wave.

Wavelength - distance between the same point on two adjacent waves.

Frequency - the number of complete waves passing a certian point per second.

Hertz (Hz) - the measurement of frequency.

Oscillations - vibrations.

Transverse waves - the oscillations travel up and down.

Longitudinal waves - the oscillations in the same direction as the wave travels.

Waves can be:

  • Absorbed - this transfers energy to the material's energy stores.
  • Transmitted - waves travel thorugh the new material.
  • Refraction -waves cross a boundary between materials, the angle is changed.

Specular reflection - wave is reflected in a single direction.

Diffuse reflection - wave is reflected by a rought surface and scattered in different directions.



PRACTICAL Investigating waves in a ripple tank

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