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Key Words

Vectors - have a magnitude and direction.

Scalar - only have magnitude and no direction.

Contact force - when two objects are touching for a force to act.

Non-contact force - objects do not need to be touching for the force to act.

Interaction pair - a pair of forces that are equal and opposite and act on two interacting objects.

Mass - the amount of 'stuff' in a object.

Weight - the force acting on an object due to gravity.

Gravitational Force - the force of attaction between masses.

Resultant Force - the overall force on a point or object.

Equilibrium - when the forces on an object are balanced.

Moment - the turning effect of a force.

Levers - increase the distance from the pivot at which the force is applied.

Gears - circular discs with 'teeth' that transmit rotational effects.

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EQUATION Gravitational Field Strength

EQUATION Force applied to a spring


Investigating springs

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