Urban Issues and challenges

Urban Issues & Challenges


Key Words

Urbanisation – the growth of people in urban areas.

High Income Countries (HICs) – more eceonomically developed countries such as UK, Japan & Germany.

Low Income Countries (LICs) – less economically developed countries such as Ethiopia, Nepal & Afghanistan.

Newly Emerging Economies (NEEs) – countries where economic development is increasing rapidly such as Brazil, China, Russia & India.

Megacity – a city with a population of over 10 million people.

Rural-urban migration – movement of people from countryside to cities.

Central Business District (CBD) – middle of town or city, usually surrounded by a ring road.

Inner City – mix of residential, business and recreational parks.

Suburbs – maily residential areas.

Rural-urban fringe – located on the edge of the city. Contails retail & business parks, new housing developments.

Regeneration – the improvement of an area.

Sustainable living – living in a way that makes things last for the future.

Traffic congestion – when there is more vehicles on the road than the road can cope with. This causes congestion.

Traffic flow – the movement of traffic.


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